A Guide to Getting Started with the Motion Library

The Motion Library gives you frictionless access to thousands of high-quality character animations from the top motion capture studios in the world. With 150 free demo assets and free access to preview the entire library, you can start testing, blocking out or doing previs of your scenes or using the assets directly in your final project today! Additional assets only cost $3 or $6 per asset and they will be yours for life!

If you are working in Maya or Unity, we have native plugins that you can download and install right in the editor. If you are working in any other tools, you can access the entire library through Rokoko’s own software suite, Rokoko Studio. In Studio, you can search and preview all assets and download them as FBX files that you can then import into your 3D software of choice (Cinema4D, Blender, Unreal etc.)

Read on for a run-down of how it works. 

Main Features to Explore in the Motion Library

  • Browse thousands of AAA-quality motion capture assets from the world’s top motion capture studios. 
  • Preview assets in a 3D player and see them play on different demo characters before purchasing.
  • Buy high-quality motion assets for either $3 or $6 USD. Pricing is based on the complexity of the assets. 
  • Store and share all of your purchased animations with your teams
  • Get access to a collection of free demo assets
  • Import assets into your Maya or Unity scene with just one click through our plugins or download the FBX file of the asset through Rokoko Studio and import into your 3D tools of choice.

Video walk through of the main features


Before you start using the service, you need to create a Rokoko ID here

You can use the Motion Library either as an individual user or as a member of a team. If you would like to use the service as part of a team/organization, you have to create a team to share the rights and set the billing info correctly. Read more about teams and roles on the Motion Library here.

You can change teams via the user menu:


Search is the primary way to find assets in the Motion Library. Simply go to the search bar located in the center top-header to start browsing assets.

Filters & Categories

To further speed up the process, you can also filter your search results with the following options:

  • You can sort the asset by name (from A-Z), how recently it was added, and price (from low to high)
  • You can filter the assets based on categories, gender, and if the assets should be loopable or not.


If you like the style or selection of a certain publisher, you can also browse assets based on the publishers on the platform.

Tile View

Tile view is the main and default view in Motion Library. It gives you an overview of the 9 most relevant assets based on your search input and/or filter settings. You can always go back to the main tile view by clicking the "ML" icon in the top left corner. 

When hovering over a tile, the animation will automatically start playing and you can orbit around the character by hitting "left-click + mouse move". By double-clicking you open the animation and go into full "Preview Mode". 


In Preview Mode, you get a "full view" of a specific animation with a title, publisher name, and link to the publisher’s full profile. You can also see the price and more details about the animation. 

You’ll have a range of preview options, including changing playback speed, viewing asset details, and previewing the motion on different character assets at runtime speed.

Preview Characters

When you browse the Motion Library, you see all the animations being played on Rokoko’s default character rig - "Newton". However, you can also select another preview character -  "Bruno". Keep an eye out for more preview characters of different styles and expressions coming soon! .

Preview Cart

When you’re ready, add your selections directly to your cart or create a playlist in your Motion Library, and go through the quick purchase flow before downloading the assets. All of the assets you purchase will be stored in your Rokoko account.

My Library / Team Library

When clicking "Team Library" or "My Library" you will see an overview of all the assets you and your teams purchased. You can download them to your local computer (or import them to your specific Maya or Unity scene if you are using the native plugins). Note that your purchased assets belong to the team you are logged in to. 

Learn more about import options here

Shortcuts and Navigation

In Tile View, the outline of the tile helps you get a quick indication of the status of the asset:

  • No outline: Not purchased
  • Blue outline: In shopping cart
  • Green outline: Purchased and ready to download
  • Green dotted outline: Downloaded and ready to import

In Tile View you have the following navigation options:

  • Hover over the tile to see the animation play
  • "Left-click and move mouse" on tile to orbit
  • Add to cart by clicking the basket icon

In Preview Mode you have the following navigation options:

  • "Escape-key" to close the view
  • "Space-key" to play/pause recording
  • "Left-key/right-key" to scrub the playhead back and forward. 

Use it in your 3D software of choice

You can use the motion assets you buy through the Motion Library plugin just like you use any other animation asset in a project. All assets in the Maya plugin or the FBX files you download in Rokoko Studio are made to support Maya’s native HIK retargeting workflows out-of-the-box. Assets in Unity fits the standard Unity “Humanoid rig”. 

The assets you download through Rokoko Studio or Maya are made to support Maya’s native HIK retargeting workflows out-of-the-box. Check out the video below for a walkthrough from start to finish using the Motion Library in Maya.

Note: When buying an asset from the Motion Library, you download it as an FBX file containing only the movement on the skeleton. This means that no mesh or characters are included. Some assets come with finger animation as well, which will be shown in the preview and on the tag info in the plugin.

Do you have questions that weren’t answered here? Search for answers at help.rokoko.com or write us at help@rokoko.com with any question you might have!